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What does travel mean to you?  A rest…. or some perspective on your everyday life, a mental refresh, some space to consider a pressing problam, an escape from a pressing problem, a chance to engage with other cultures, or just to see the beauty and variety in the world. Join me to read and see what I learn on my travels.



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New Zealand, Orkney Islands, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Walking the Camino in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic


pt 3…The Ascent

pt 3…The Ascent

  As we set off the only sounds are the crunch crunch of boots and poles on the gravel path. Whilst the sun is over the hills beyond, there is still a few remnants of whispy clouds hanging around in the folds of the mountains and foothills. The path snakes off in...

pt 2…Trepidation

pt 2…Trepidation

  The morning of the walk dawns and whilst there is low cloud it is going to clear and be a great day – we are reliably informed by our local hosts. We emerge from our rooms for breakfast and then to the kitchen to pack up our lunches. Less garrulous than the...

Conquering the Mountain…

Conquering the Mountain…

As I publish this we remember that volcanoes have the explosive  and unpredictable raw power of mother nature and we extend our deepest sympathy and support to the families and friends of the deceased, for the pain and suffering of the injured and to the emergency...

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Coming Soon, this Great Walk of New Zealand, is a gruelling physical and mental challenge on a triumvirate of live and dormant volcanoes. Are our group of 5 up to the challenge…

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Featuring Art and Experiential story series follow me to recieve my upcoming painting and writing about Staying at a monastery in Hungary, the Sacred Island of Iona, and Catching the Viking to the Orkney Islands



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Some of my Favourite Places include: New Zealand, Mexico, Scotland, Italy and Portugal