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Hi, You have reached the blog page of Ms Pacifica where stories are told relating to travel and nature and the built environment and my experiences and impressions with them. My travels include Mexico, Europe and most recently Scotland and the Orkney Islands. My home base is beautiful New Zealand in the Pacific – and hence the name.

Posts are grouped by geographical location and more recently into Art and Art Stories. This is where I narrate the story that inspired the art work and try to weave them together and explain the impressions, ideas and emotions I am trying to convey.

We all love to travel, but sometimes we feel that we don’t see or get the real essence or spirit of place. When we slow down enough to paint or write about a location we deepen our experience of it. We don’t just see it, we feel it and therefore better understand it. We allow that place to affect us and our outlook. That is one of the reasons we travel. If I can help you see and feel or remember a location more deeply, through my experiences and art and stories, then maybe it can enrich all our lives. Just by sharing another’s experience we open ourselves up to more possibilities.

Latest posts

  • Home Portraits with kerb appeal…

    Home Portraits with kerb appeal…

    Is your home your sanctuary? Or do you still remember one you used to  live in? There are lots of reasons to commission a painting of a loved home. You might be moving on, or it might be the home with great memories… or simply one that you have walked passed and admired. Commissioning a painting […]

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  • Somebody’s Darling

    Somebody’s Darling

    New Zealand – the way it used to be. New Zealand – the way it used to be.The freedom of being an artist was epitomised for me by the yellow bus on a one-way bridge recently. One of the last one-way bridges in the south island it connects SH8 between Queenstown and Dunedin over the […]

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  • Ms Pacifica’s in the NZ Art Show

    Ms Pacifica’s in the NZ Art Show

    I’m excited and proud to be part of the NZ Art Show Online – which is live NOW. It’s a dynamic online virtual exhibition featuring more than 150 talented NZ artists…well… more or less talented. Event  This years online Art Show was developed when the annual Wellington based NZ Art Show  usually held over Queen’s […]

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