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  • Farewell to Mérida

    Farewell to Mérida

    Lola has jetted off to the Emerald Isles, and as Ms Pacifica prepares to leave the Casa Caballito (little Horse) also known as the peppermint house, I thought I’d give you a photographic walk through of our casa. That’s it. Next Stop Campeche, and it is quaint!

  • We’re ruined…

    (for choice) in the Archealogical Ruins of the Yucatan. So we started with the ‘big one’ Chichen Itza is a major tourist destination and is situated between Merida and Cancun and close to Cozumel and so attract many day trippers from the beach resorts and cruise ships there. From Merida it was less popular, we […]

  • In the peppermint house

    Is it hot? How does 36deg and 99% humidity sound? We have arrived in Mérida in the rainy season or as they like to call it here – the green season. Even the locals are sweating and carrying about cloth implements to wipe the brow – and other places you didn’t know you could sweat […]