Ms Pacifica’s in the NZ Art Show

I’m excited and proud to be part of the NZ Art Show Online – which is live NOW.

It’s a dynamic online virtual exhibition featuring more than 150 talented NZ artists…well… more or less talented.


This years online Art Show was developed when the annual Wellington based NZ Art Show  usually held over Queen’s Birthday weekend was cancelled.

Happily for me as this enables me to showcase 20 works online until December 2020. There are lots of reasonably priced, great works on there. You are buying at wholesale works, directly from the artists with no commission or middle-man. And… the artists on the site are all chosen and endorsed by the NZ Art Show.

This is an exciting initiative to support New Zealand artists and to keep the NZ art community thriving and connected in this unique time.  

Go to  where you can browse and purchase hundreds of original artworks, or to go directly to my portfolio.

International Shipping

If you are interested and live overseas then the works can be couriered to you at cost. Depending upon where in the world you are, it will add approx $NZD 100-150 (for the larger ones)

If this is you, then I can add it to the shop on this website so that you can purchase with credit card. (The Art Show site doesn’t take payments). If you want to reduce the shipping cost I can take the canvas off the stretchers and roll it with tissue into a tube. It halves the transport cost – but means you have to find someone to put it on a stretcher frame when it arrives.

Please share with anyone who might be interested. Show your support and help keeps the arts alive and active.  We know that art brings joy, and that original works are special because they carry the energy of the artist.

What better time to purchase a locally made work of art to enhance your home.

Contact me directly with any questions:


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