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  • Up close and Personal…

    Up close and personal with some very weird sh*t! In the town of San Luis Potosi on Good Friday, the thing to do is to get yourself a ticket to the Procession in Silence. And so we did. We purchased two of  ‘el mejor locacion que es posible… por favor” (the best location possible… please) […]

  • San Luis Potosí: reminiscent of Buenos Aires

    We have arrived in the city of San Luis Potosí (SLP), Mexico after an uneventful trip on AirNZ to Houston, the usual horrific airport transit (avoiding the dunkin donuts shops) and a short two hour trip along the Mexican gulf on a tiny 60 seater plane. After some recent bad publicity our only United Airlines […]

  • Day of the Dead parade Morelia, Mexico

    We even found the shop where you can buy the meringues!  

  • The Plan

    Bon voyage! These are the locations for the 2017 Plan. We are flying directly into San Luis Potosi from Houston which is 2 hours north of our first apartment in San Miguel de Allende – and we spend 3 nights there enjoying the pre- Easter celebrations before catching the bus to San Miguel where we […]

  • Travel Preparation – the intrepid duo prepares for a mighty trip…

    Travel Preparation – the intrepid duo prepares for a mighty trip…

      Lola and Ms Pacifica are about to embark on an epic trip back to Mexico two and  a half years since their last tour together, although Lola has ‘snuck back’ on her own to the archeological museum in Mexico City to keep exploring. This time, LIFE is being put on hold, properties rented, work […]

  • A couple of gringas in Mexico City

    A couple of gringas in Mexico City

      1.Is it safe? 2.Why? 3. Are you going on a  tour? We had had all of these responses when we announced to our colleagues, family and friends that we were going to Mexico, and the answers were: 1: Relatively 2: It’s amazing; warm friendly colourful, delicious, cultural, cheap…. what’s not to like? 3: Absolutely […]

  • Get off the Sofa! – 10 good reasons to ‘go it alone’ as an independent traveller.

    Get off the Sofa! – 10 good reasons to ‘go it alone’ as an independent traveller.

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