Home Portraits with kerb appeal…

Commissioning a painting of your home is easier and more affordable than you might think.

Christine works with people who want to capture a cherished architectural memory of part of their lives or a dream goal for the future. To make this easier we have provided standard pricing, time-frames and FAQ’s to give you peace of mind. You can also peruse other examples to get a feel for her style and make sure that you are a ‘match’.

Costs and Timing

The most popular commission is an original Acrylic on stretched canvas painting 570mmx 710mm finished and ready to hang for $1200 NZD incl GST. A seperate floating frame is available for an additional $ 300.

Timing varies from 6 weeks to 3 months depending upon the time of year. If you have a deadline please let Christine know at the time of order.


Whilst the examples are mostly charming and photogenic Villas, Christine will take commission for different styles and eras of house as long as she believes she can make a painting that both parties will be pleased with. The paintings are hand crafted and take time… and it shows. They are imbued with an energy that a photograph simply doesn’t have.

What if I don’t live there anymore?

Can I still have a painting of a house we used to live in? Yes – on a couple of provisos. I can photograph from the street as long as it doesn’t embarrass or identify anyone personally. In most cases I will ask or advise the owners of the artwork, or what I’m doing if they are there when I photograph. There are more details on this in the FAQ page so click the link.

Optional Frames

An additional floating frame can be purchased for the stretched canvas to sit into. These are handmade by an artisan in New Zealand of pine timber and have a 3-5mm shadow gap around the painting and a 5mm timber edge by 60mm deep. The frames are available in black, white or a natural timber with a clear coat finish.

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