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Home Portraits with kerb appeal…

Original SOLD Prints Available

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Or do you still remember one you used to  live in?

There are lots of reasons to commission a painting of a loved home. You might be moving on, or it might be the home with great memories… or simply one that you have walked passed and admired.

A Façade Art Home Portrait is also a great gift – for the person who has (almost) everything.

Support our local arts community by buying local. And it doesn’t get more local than this!

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Commissioning a painting of your home is easier and more affordable than you might think. 

Christine works with people who want to capture a cherished architectural memory of part of their lives or a dream goal for the future. To make this easier we have provided standard pricing, time-frames and FAQ’s to give you peace of mind. You can also peruse other examples to get a feel for her style and make sure that you are a ‘match’.

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The most popular commission is an original Acrylic on stretched canvas painting 570mmx 710mm finished and ready to hang for $1200 NZD incl GST. A seperate floating frame is available for an additional $ 300.

Timing varies from 6 weeks to 3 months depending upon the time of year. If you have a deadline please let Christine know at the time of order.

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Whilst the examples are mostly charming and photogenic Villas, Christine will take commission for different styles and eras of house as long as she believes she can make a painting that both parties will be pleased with. The paintings are hand crafted and take time… and it shows. They are imbued with an energy that a photograph simply doesn’t have. 

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Can I still have a painting of a house we used to live in? Yes – on a couple of provisos. I can photograph from the street as long as it doesn’t embarrass or identify anyone personally. In most cases I will ask or advise the owners of the artwork, or what I’m doing if they are there when I photograph. There are more details on this in the FAQ page so click the link.

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An additional floating frame can be purchased for the stretched canvas to sit into. These are handmade by an artisan in New Zealand of pine timber and have a 3-5mm shadow gap around the painting and a 5mm timber edge by 60mm deep. The frames are available in black, white or a natural timber with a clear coat finish.


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