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  • What are we going to do?

    What are we going to do?

    Shit! – after a month in San Miguel de Allende, we are moving out of the casa in a couple of days and Lola has taken her creative projects to new heights and has decorated the fence – and the interiors. Those of you who know Lola well, will know that she is fond of […]

  • What you have been waiting for….

      A little Mezcal, a Burro, a field of Cactus,  a Crown of Thorns bread-roll, a Sombrero and a Mariachi band! A proposal on horseback! This is the Mexico you have been waiting for…     On Saturday night after dinner we went for a wander up to the main square (the Jardin) there were […]

  • Would you come and stay here?

    If we bought this one… would you come and stay? We stumbled upon this beautiful casa on the hills above San Miguel. Doesn’t look too bad eh? Actually this one is not for sale – it was a stop on our house and garden tour today. So – we’re still looking.

  • In the neighbourhood

    We have been wandering around our neighbourhood taking a few photos of the colourful facades.

  • Now this is an Easter Celebration

    How do Mexicans and Expat US citizens celebrate Easter Sunday? They burn a bunch of effigies of undesirables and Judas figures…. and for the finale they exploded this figure in a blue suit with bouffant hair. The sign says: DONALD, pero no el pato (but not the duck). There was no doubt and the many […]