What are we going to do?

Shit! – after a month in San Miguel de Allende, we are moving out of the casa in a couple of days and Lola has taken her creative projects to new heights and has decorated the fence – and the interiors. Those of you who know Lola well, will know that she is fond of a little trinket shopping and so she has been indulging that, and breaking few plates and downing a few bottles of wine and alora!- this is the result.


Is that a tractor tyre?

A couple of weeks ago her projects were just a couple of strong of beads  – but it has got WAY out of hand!

By the way…. what is that red orange protrusion on the man? She says it is a candlestick she found in a small tienda. Ok….  Did it have to go there?

Really this has gone to extremes!.

How many happy hours went into collecting those wine bottles? I know we only spend less than $10NZ on a bottle of Chilean Sav Blanc… but still….
We’ve added a few extra nick-nacks to the lounge. That’s the Virgin of Guadalupe on the coffee table.

Ok – I am stretching the truth a bit. We have met a man – let’s call him Anado and this is his casa/studio and chapel – the chapel Jimmy Ray – in memory of his father, He is also a collector of “bits and pieces” and glass and broken plates and he makes them into beautiful art on the outskirts of San Miguel. We went for a visit.

This is the author standing outside his composting toilet… looking to rival Freidrich Hundertwasser!
The sister of this wondrous sculpture is at the Jagged Edge House in Queenstown.
One of a series of figures
The ‘not so zen’ interior of his house…
Side wall of the chapel of Jimmy Ray (and art gallery)
An eclectic compilation
A skeleton and some hearts… the rest is up to you.

Just another great day in vibrant and interesting Mexico!

8 responses to “What are we going to do?”

  1. OMGolly gosh…what fantabulous colours and design…I love it..I wanna go c it for myself..I hope you are having a ball..enjoy every mo.
    Im off back to Hua Hin as I cant stand the jackhammering and drilling and sawing etc etc etc..big hugs Heather and Ger xo

    • Thanks Heather. Yes we are having a great time. We’re also on the move to our second apartment further south. Glad the work has started at your apartment. Enjoy Hua Hun. Xx

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