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  • After a hard days sightseeing….

    After a hard days sightseeing….

    Bearing in mind that it is routinely 30 degrees here in Budapest, wandering around looking at sights can be a wearying experience. And it is busy already. Hoards of tourists already roaming around and queuing for things including the famous Gelarto Rosa, which Girl Viking needed to be introduced to. So Ms Pacifica has been […]

  • Back in Buda…

    Back in Buda…

    This time we gave Pesht a miss and by the time Ms Pacifica returns from the monastery Girl Viking had arrived and let herself into the Buda apartment and proceeded to make herself familiar with the city. Introducing  Girl Viking, who is a great writer, Aussie and currently living in Istanbul and serious world traveller, […]

  • Some sights were visited….

    Some sights were visited….

    Finally, I hear you say. I thought it was all breakfasts and meandering. Well as you know I’m staying in Pesht, in the shabby chic apartment but I braved the bridge over the Danube, the famous Chain bridge (on foot) and then took the funicular up the hill to Buda side and the Castle area. […]

  • What better start…..

    What better start…..

    What better start to the day exploring a new city than popping into a church, the first of many no doubt on this architectural and cultural (but not especially religious) tour. Churches are cool and quiet and often a surprise inside… some plain, some ornate, some marble and rich, some painted faux- marble but usually […]

  • Budapest- a city of two halves!

    Budapest- a city of two halves!

    Hah, is there no end to my sporting analogies! I promise that is the last one. So I have slipped into Europe via Budapest. Emirates fly here and its a mere 5 hours from Dubai. Its been many years since I have been to Europe (given my recent dalliance with the Americas) but I must […]