Back in Buda…

This time we gave Pesht a miss and by the time Ms Pacifica returns from the monastery Girl Viking had arrived and let herself into the Buda apartment and proceeded to make herself familiar with the city.

Introducing  Girl Viking, who is a great writer, Aussie and currently living in Istanbul and serious world traveller, eco warrior and wine aficionado. Check out her blog at

Ms Pacifica and Girl viking met in Argentina some years ago on a bus and also endured a memorable (with some moments that we’d rather forget) trip to India and Sri Lanka a few years ago. More sedately Girl Viking also did the rail trial in NZ a couple of years ago.  Because Girl Viking can be a little bossy and is Aussie, Ms Pacifica likes to refer to herself as Madge sometimes with suitable mousey facial expressions, which irritates the S**T out of Edna. However Madge is also known to go ‘off duty’ sometimes. We did watch a quite elderly couple of English/ American? ladies on the bus bickering away at each other and wondered if that was us traveling in the future. Hopefully not.

IMG_0489 2
Lucy (aka Girl Viking) posing on the Chain bridge, Budapest

We’ve also moved on from the shabby chic to just chic apartment living in Buda – although with many odd design features.

IMG_0501 3
The yellow chair where Ms Pacifica writes her blog
Lethal steps to Girl Vikings loft bedroom

IMG_0504 3

And so being in the heart of the old town we headed out for dinner and Palinka!

Coffee and Palinka!
And another swing past my favourite St Mathias at night
No trip to Budapest is complete without a night shot of the Parliament
IMG_0477 2
Fisherman’s Bastion at night… looking peaceful


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