After a hard days sightseeing….

Bearing in mind that it is routinely 30 degrees here in Budapest, wandering around looking at sights can be a wearying experience. And it is busy already. Hoards of tourists already roaming around and queuing for things including the famous Gelarto Rosa, which Girl Viking needed to be introduced to.

IMG_0500 3
Delicious little floral ice-cream but time-consuming to make and we got in just before the tour!
IMG_0493 2
Loving those steeples across the Danube
IMG_0498 3
Up close with the parliament buildings
IMG_0488 2
Black onion dome – nice

So Ms Pacifica has been and done an urban sketching course. It was just a few hours with a lovely young local girl and 3 others and was sketching and watercolour. Admittedly the teacher did look a little awed when Ms Pacifica admitted to being trained as an architect, and so the mechanics of 1 and 2 point perspective did not need to be instructed, but it was fun and a couple of sketches were done and then watercolored. No visuals for the blog – they didn’t make it, but has got MsP started and now there are sketches in her travel-sketch book. Mostly onion domes admittedly!

Anyway, getting to the point after all this wandering around in the heat of the day we needed a little evening outing and met Canadian Amy at a riverside restaurant/bar for a full moon evening of stories and laughs. Amy was also formerly living in Istanbul, much conversation was centered around finding the perfect (Turkish) man, and those rejected along the way,….for various (legitimate sounding) reasons. Life is tough for the international woman looking to improve diplomatic relations.

IMG_0506 2

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6 responses to “After a hard days sightseeing….”

  1. Life is good – diiscovering ‘new’ things’ around the world with ‘old’ friends – keep on enjoying and sharing the experiences with us! Jacqui x

  2. Your intrepid travels read well – I am soo glad you didn’t run out of ‘power’ on the hill climbs with ebikes as I know just how heavy they are but a godsend when they are charged up!! A certain ‘special’ day in your diary ‘looming’ up – I hope you have sorted some good celebratory ‘arrangements’ for the occasion! J x

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