Some sights were visited….

Finally, I hear you say. I thought it was all breakfasts and meandering. Well as you know I’m staying in Pesht, in the shabby chic apartment but I braved the bridge over the Danube, the famous Chain bridge (on foot) and then took the funicular up the hill to Buda side and the Castle area.

This is the chain bridge:thumb_IMG_0385_1024

And the funicular: not laziness, but for the experience you understand!


And the view back to the bridge (and Pesht)


When I got to the top all was stopped for the changing of the guard. Soooo not my thing. Prancing around with guns with knives on the end. Very last century. I moved on.

Changing of the guard Buda Hill.

Whilst here are lots of lovely buildings and good things to see up on the hill by far the best is the magnificent church of St Matthias. Unfortunately you have to pay to enter, not that it is much money, but you  have to queue for a ticket and this means you probably go in only once, and it is the type of wondrous building you would like to live close enough to pop into every day. It is painted, and tiled, and with a wonderful sparkling tiled roof outside and it has circular steps to a tower and little lookouts over the church. It is gothic (as all the best churches are) and has stained glass and gothic windows, but no marble, and no OTT art. It has myth and mystery, and for the current day decoration we have the Turks to thank, as it was at one time whitewashed and turned into a mosque, and so after they left it needed redecoration. (too early at that point to become a yoga centre). Then in the world wars it was bombed and occupied by Nazis and Soviets and needed restoring again. But it survives…. in its glory, as testament to the architect from the late 1800’s Frigyes Shulek. Good job Shulek! That is a legacy.

the many times reborn St Matthias Budapest. Liking that black tower!


All one with tiles and paint! St Matthias Budapest
Interior St Matthias Church Budapest

As you can see I was quite taken with it. I also went to the Fishermans Bastion which nice towers and walkways and good view back to the city, also done by the same architect. They were filming a movie called Gemini man on part of the fisherman’s bastion and so we couldn’t get to it all, but look out for it and you too can experience the views.

Fishermans Bastion Budapest

The houses of parliament that feature over the water look beautiful too. For next time as I’m in Budapest a few times this trip.


3 responses to “Some sights were visited….”

  1. Chris
    As always your photos are terrific. Thought you would just about be all churched out after Mexico but there’s always another amazing architectural/artistic marvel to admire.
    Enjoy your warm temps as winter has just arrived here. Freezing! Can’t remember if I told you I have bought a section in Pekapeka with legal pedestrian access to beach. No idea of what I’ll build or when.
    Am looking forward to your blogs as you meander thru Europe.
    Lorraine xxx

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