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  • Frida K is alive and well…

    …and serving lunch in Ocotlán market. She is very sweet and stylish. (Amazing that a mono-brow can look this good.) So that’s our celebrity sighting. Actually even Lola had to ask after the last blog….who is the celebrity sighting? Did I miss it? Well -she was low key, and there were no paparazzi. So Ocotlán […]

  • An exotic interlude…

    On a foul night in Oaxaca and after raining all afternoon we made our way to a downtown theatre for a 9pm performance of an Egyptian Dance troupe! (in Mexico we need to look for dance or music to go to – as plays and poetry can easily be lost in translation!) We had walked […]

  • Monte Alban – was Harry Potter here?

    Lola and Ms Pacifica went on a day tour.Surprising – but true. Everyone spoke Spanish and so we had to concentrate and listen but we think got the gist. First up was the archeological site of Monte Alban on the outskirts of Oaxaca.  Monte Alban was a huge city and religious site and construction started […]

  • Oaxaca – street art

    Oaxaca – street art

    We are living in the quaint old barrio of Xochomilco in Oaxaca. (Joch-i- milko) which is a residential neighbourhood with cobbled street and lots of graffiti and some political statements. The one above is a chapuline (grasshopper) which they make into tacos and eat here! And no… we haven’t tried one! Our neighbourhood…some are cute, […]

  • Oaxaca…We’re now installed in the south

    Oaxaca…We’re now installed in the south

    And is is warm here in Oaxaca as May is their hottest month, but very quaint. Firstly a pronunciation lesson – (so you can tell people were we are) Oaxaca = Wa-hah-ka with a slight emphasis on the hah! We have rented an artists house on Airbnb, which is stylish and interesting. We have fans […]

  • Popocatéptl – where are you?

    We went to Cholula looking for this… We knew we wouldn’t see snow but were hoping for a bit of smoke from the top…and we found the church – we climbed to the top and we looked out…. It had even rained heavily the night before, there was still no sign of it. We did […]

  • The Badlands

    Some of our readers are thinking that this trip is all about sunsets and margaritas and shopping and visiting fantastic art sites. But, not every day is so easy or safe. We have officially entered the BADLANDS – the state of Guerrero is listed as HIGH RISK by the NZ government. We have officially left […]

  • What are we going to do?

    What are we going to do?

    Shit! – after a month in San Miguel de Allende, we are moving out of the casa in a couple of days and Lola has taken her creative projects to new heights and has decorated the fence – and the interiors. Those of you who know Lola well, will know that she is fond of […]

  • Las Pozas

    Las Pozas

    Las Pozas is a wonderous sculpture and architecture and bird and animal park in the rainforest built by a highly eccentric Englishman who died in 1984. First the man: Edward James was the son of a Scottish socialite who was married to an American Railway tycoon.  This mother may have been the daughter or the […]