We are living in the quaint old barrio of Xochomilco in Oaxaca. (Joch-i- milko) which is a residential neighbourhood with cobbled street and lots of graffiti and some political statements. the one above is a chapuline (grasshopper) which they make into tacos and eat here! And no… we haven’t tried one!

A little local protest – ‘we are united in opposition to Trump’ In spanish: “Estados Unidos” means United States and “Estamos Unidos” is we are united…. ( a bit like joke that needs to be explained however trust me – it’s cleverer in spanish!)
IMG_0650 2
This one is more like art in the street than street art. There was a waiting truck but we were fearful of his “bits”

Our neighbourhood…some are cute, others more provacative, but all are bright and well done.





Translates as: Life starts where reality finishes. God never dies. I’ll leave the meaning to you to decipher!







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