An exotic interlude…

On a foul night in Oaxaca and after raining all afternoon we made our way to a downtown theatre for a 9pm performance of an Egyptian Dance troupe! (in Mexico we need to look for dance or music to go to – as plays and poetry can easily be lost in translation!) We had walked past and bought tickets that afternoon for a modest $25 each and we rocked up after a nice dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Zocalo) main square) Due to the weather we hadn’t gone home to change and so were practically rather than aesthetically dressed in sand shoes, rain coats and umbrellas!


Male lead dancer and group teacher! Mohamed Ghareeb in Oaxaca.

It was psychedelic, it was impressive and it was short! My kind of performance. We walked out 40 minutes later stunned, giddy and happy.



Sorry …the problem with twirling is that you get a lot of shots of the back of his head!



The twirling was interspersed with some belly dancing – they were good too.

So what are we up to? We have been a little constrained by weather and classes. Rainy season has come on quickly in Oaxaca and there was also a tropical storm Beatriz on the pacific coast which added to the rain.

Lola has been going to spanish classes and Ms Pacifica to painting classes. Spanish classes are a bit more demanding than painting – they start at 9am and expect focus until 1pm, painting however starts at a very civilised 11am.

However – we have had a day out and an exciting adventure with a celebrity sighting. More soon…


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