Popocatéptl – where are you?

We went to Cholula looking for this…

That’s the famous active volcano Popocatéptl in the background… how could you miss it right?

We knew we wouldn’t see snow but were hoping for a bit of smoke from the top…and we found the church – we climbed to the top and we looked out….

Sanctuario de Cholula… no they are just clouds in the background!
We looked all around…. thats pollution haze!

It had even rained heavily the night before, there was still no sign of it.

We did however see the largest pyramid in the world – by volume not height,  and even walked through it. Certainly it is not Giza, but interesting.

The rope is to help you down, it is steeper than it looks.
A little bit of catholicism and a little bit of native indian culture blend in the churches

Cholula is on the outskirts of Puebla where we spend a couple of nights staying behind  an optician shop. Literally we had to walk through the shop to get to the apartment, and when they closed up at night we had to lock the doors behind us. Ah…. Airbnb – sometimes its a bit strange but after all the uphill and down-dale of Taxco, Lola was very pleased to have a ground floor apartment….. as the luggage is getting hefty already!

Our optometrist shop (from the bus window)

Puebla was pretty and  easy after the Badlands, but unfortunately Ms Pacifica – who is normally known for a cast-iron stomach had a day feeling less than 100% and had to drag herself out and around. Lola was also a little below par on the stomach/digestion department… but we have bounced back after a day or two.

DSC01265 (1).jpg
Illuminated Buildings Puebla
Puebla is a student town – there is even some nightlife
Catedral Puebla – at least they could afford to turn the lights on there.
Markets area of Puebla was very colourful

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