Penguins in Prague

We have finally left the Danube for the Vltava. Same, but different. It still has river boats, is the same colour and similar size, but Prague has a nice yellow line-up of Penguins. It also looks great at night.

IMG_0782 2

Certainly there are tourists here in Prague. Bus loads of them, plus a smattering of American students… (there is an Anglo-American university down the road) but Girl Viking and Mspacifica managed to avoid the worst queues AND mix a bit of culture with some chilled f&b.

Now that’s culture, right there. Interactive Sculpture.

We arrived by train during a deluge which only lasted a few minutes and decided to brave the public transport and purchased tickets and hauled our luggage to a tram which quickly offloaded us outside our Airbnb apartment. What did we do before google maps.

Meals had been missed and so we quickly headed over the road to what can only be described as a beer garden, upmarket certainly but what is better than Sunday afternoon chilling at a beer garden. They even had cider, for the non-beer drinker that I am. Then we ordered sausage and bread after a spectacular sausage in Cesky Krumlov where we had entertained our bikie guy neighbours by asking “ is it like a hotdog” answer “no, it is like a sausage with bread”. Ok and it was, but a large a juicy chorizo-type sausage that was actually pretty good. Sausage #2 was not bad either. We are in the Germanic countries after all.

Then we went wandering we found the Charles Bridge and admittedly so had a few others. Lots of selfies, one proposal and some bad overpriced art and portraits. We the went to a classical concert in a church…. I suppose that’s another way to bring the punters in. We enjoyed it.

Charles Bridge – typical
And again… in the early morning

Next day I got up early to see the bridge before the crowds, and sort-of did. Then we almost flagged the castle…. the biggest site in Prague -after the main square and Charles Bridge, but the tram was going right past so we took a look. Impressive. Lots of Asian brides in full white getting their photos taken.

IMG_0793 2
Beautiful Bride – one of many

Also we noticed a worrying trend – the tour group uniform! And we wondered: Should Ms Pacifica and Girl Viking sport a uniform? ….and if so, what would that look like?

IMG_0786 2
The blue uniform – to match the bus   or
IMG_0790 2
A White floral ensemble

Then we went to the art gallery in the suburbs. It had wonderful glass chandeliers and a zeppelin, that you could go inside and which was much more spacious than it looked outside.  We enjoyed it.

IMG_0806 2
A Zeppelin Structure at the art gallery Dox in Prague 
IMG_0819 2
Spacious interior of the Zeppelin
Glass art… a pineapple?
My favourite… very Medusa
IMG_0812 2
Amazing creations

5 responses to “Penguins in Prague”

  1. Love the interactive sculpture. Not so much the crowds of tourists. Must be a shock to the system after the relative tranquility of your prior destinations. A beer and sausage or 2 might almost make up for it…..😀

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