The jewel in the crown….

The jewel for tourism in Czech Republic (second only to Prague) is Cesky Krumlov. It is tourist heaven. Really the only place we have been where there are wall-to-wall souvenir shops, buses of tourists: asian and indian, and the start of the US school/college kids.

It is very picturesque though.

Main square
Dusk in Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov’s river: it is on a tight bend in the river creating almost an island


Rivalling the tower of Pisa!
Castle above the town
Overlooking the town
Lucy in the Castle Gardens

It was Saturday morning and we were just chilling out modern large apartment above the town and spotted this Remax hot air balloon trying got get airborne. When I saw the delegation of american men with their Remax shirts in town later, I realised why it took them so long and so much ‘firing up’ to get off the ground.

A heavy load! View from my bedroom window
My room – up the circular staircase

Bonus material! Couldn’t resist these two gems from the trip here.

The shortest tie in the Czech Republic!
Magazine kiosk at the railway station.

Next stop Prague!


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