Settling into Znojmo…

But not as well as this dude: St Boniface has been here for sometime, complete with bones and lace.

No pronunciation advise on this town… but unlike Spanish the Z and j are pronounced. It’s a wonder we made it here at all.

We are staying in a very nice big apartment, so good you could live here and it’s a cute town, bigger than Mikulov and hilly but with good  onion dome churches, and the above St Boniface’s body in a church with lacy sh*t all over, but you can see the bones. Interesting.

Znojmo town and nearby also unpronounceable river
Obligatory Black onion dome
And other wacky towers, (That girlviking keeps getting onto my pictures…)
Thats a long way back uphill, except when you have an electric bike!
The double eyelid dormer.

So after a few nights staying in hotels, we decided to order takeaways and have a TV dinner with Netflix in Znojmo. Just like at home. Ms Pacifica ordered the takeaways, with absolutely no Czech language the only non-surprise was the spring rolls. There were pictures and Czech names and numbers on the board above the till, I wrote down a few numbers and we had a small medley of usual Vietnamese fare. The Vietnamese girl serving had absolutely no english which was unusual. One meal came with fries and there was no chilli dipping sauce, but other than that, all was well. We didn’t order any dog or chickens feet by mistake.

Kitchen, dining in our spacious apartment in Znojmo
Lounge, and bedroom with big screen TV where we watched a bit of Netflix!
My room, where I’m on the laptop!
Bridge over the river in Znojmo: The only way is up from here! 

So we found a place that had electric bikes when it was obvious that we had some serious hills to deal with and off we went. Unfortunately even with a map and signs all over the place, it was a logistical challenge. We  set off thinking we were taking the blue trail, but the blue trail had pink signs at intersections and then blue dots signs thereafter, then the blue dots would disappear and we would have  yellow dashes and back to the pink. Every town had at least two directional signs with different km’s and these major intersections were sometimes only 50 m apart. The towns on the signs were completely different to the towns on the map. We spent more time stopped at signs than cycling. Finally after only 11km out of town, it look like rain and we had used almost all the ‘juice’ on our electric battery with off-roading uphills, we hightailed it back into town and to the winery place the bike guy Artur (Arthur) had suggested. All was well – you don’t want to run out of power with some serious uphills in front of you on a electric bike – they are heavy.


We did like Znojmo though, a small town of about 30k people and less touristy than others. We are about to move on from here to the ultra touristy, fairy tale Cesky Krumlov.


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