Nothing better… than waking up in a new town


And what a town this is. The benefit of walking up all those stairs to the “Brownie” (Chocolate Hotel, Brownie Room… get it?) become obvious in the morning. We can look out over the most marvellous kaleidoscope of colour and hue with a bit of cool morning light enlivening the blues and greens. We have our own terrace up here, and a little table and chairs to write a blog in the cool morning mountain air. It is quiet and private – except that every 10 minute or so a funicular glides past and is briefly visible between the trees as it whisks people up to the lookout and there is a goat somewhere doing it’s Meh, eh eh eh eh…

We duly head down, across, up, over and up again to the breakfast room. There are a lot of levels at the Chocolate. Breakfast is a simple affair with eggs, beans fresh cheese and a little salsa. The staff are charming – like many Mexicans they are a little wary of foreigners, they don’t really understand us or what we want, or if we are going to explode in anger at them, but they relax when they see that we are relaxed and the smiles are genuine. Lola is pretty much always relaxed.

Then after another ascent to the Brownie for teeth cleaning, layers of clothes and the like we head off down the hill and into the beautiful town for exploring.


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