A new start…

What is a former Construction Project manager, wielder of huge power and political maneuverings doing now?

It will be a journey but one that has actually already begun as I moved away from the shady corporate world of covering for those who had made a living “hiding” in a safe job doing just enough not to get noticed and for those owners who had taken  few “away days” at a planning retreat to pen the grand mission statement about customer service and being the best consultancy in their field. Upon their return they printed  this goal on the wall, in fact it was quite near where they asked me to over-bill clients to make a little more income to ease the christmas cashflow period!  They asked that twice – ( and it is beyond me how anyone actually had the cojones to ask me a second time!) I strongly suspect that the dubious memory of the director had let him down after the first occasion, and he thought he would ask me again) Let’s just say that he won’t have forget the second time… although he did subsequently deny it had ever happened.

The universe had clearly been trying to send me a message, and this time I got it loud and clear. The offending owners had never met any of their clients, and given that the  employees were also busy ‘hiding’ from clients; I was often the one that they had met, I was the one they trusted, I was the one who had made the sale, and now I was the one that was expected to screw them so that the owners could bask in the glory of another record profitable year.

No way Jose… and so it was that we parted company and a few months later.

For anyone else out there that wants to make this  journey, I hope the blog will ease the transition and avoid some of the slow detours and dead end paths, as I find the path to riches, freedom and purpose ..or any one of them.

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