A little Mezcal, a Burro, a field of Cactus,  a Crown of Thorns bread-roll, a Sombrero and a Mariachi band! A proposal on horseback! This is the Mexico you have been waiting for…



Off- duty Burro



Fields of Cactus – soon to be margarita heaven!


Crown of thorns bread – only available at Easter (on our OTT table!)

On Saturday night after dinner we went for a wander up to the main square (the Jardin) there were families parading around, vendors selling ice-cream, mariachi bands, a brass band and a procession with dress up figures an engagement on horseback… you name it, it was happening.


Saturday night in the Jardin


Serenading an engagement? (We think this is what it was)


Burro and his owner – leading the parade


Puppet figurines  – on stilts

And finally a couple of little snippets of the sounds of Saturday in Mexico.

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