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My first ‘mini-series’ is a painting and writing series about walking the Amazing Tongariro Alpine crossing in New Zealand. Not just a physical challenge, but an emotional and spiritual one as well. Our group of 5 sets out in February 2019 to walk through these 3 volcanoes – two are active and one dormant with any others extinct and turned into beautiful crater lakes. Follow along to receive notifications of this 4 part series as soon as they are launched.

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What does travel mean to you?  A rest…. or some perspective on your everyday life, a mental refresh, some space to consider a pressing problam, an escape from a pressing problem, a chance to engage with other cultures, or just to see the beauty and variety in the world. Join me to read and see what I learn on my travels.



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New Zealand, Orkney Islands, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Walking the Camino in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic


Still Hungary…

Leaving Ms Viking in Prague I took the high speed train back to Budapest which is now like returning home for me. I stayed in a brand new Airbnb Apartment right next to Zsuzsanna’s and unpacked and popped over for a small glass of wine at my favourite breakfast café...

Penguins in Prague

We have finally left the Danube for the Vltava. Same, but different. It still has river boats, is the same colour and similar size, but Prague has a nice yellow line-up of Penguins. It also looks great at night. Certainly there are tourists here in Prague. Bus loads...

The jewel in the crown….

The jewel for tourism in Czech Republic (second only to Prague) is Cesky Krumlov. It is tourist heaven. Really the only place we have been where there are wall-to-wall souvenir shops, buses of tourists: asian and indian, and the start of the US school/college kids. It...

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Coming Soon, this Great Walk of New Zealand, is a gruelling physical and mental challenge on a triumvirate of live and dormant volcanoes. Are our group of 5 up to the challenge…

My Upcoming Series

Featuring Art and Experiential story series follow me to recieve my upcoming painting and writing about Staying at a monastery in Hungary, the Sacred Island of Iona, and Catching the Viking to the Orkney Islands



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Some of my Favourite Places include: New Zealand, Mexico, Scotland, Italy and Portugal