…and serving lunch in Ocotlán market.

She is very sweet and stylish. (Amazing that a mono-brow can look this good.)

DSC01332 (1).jpg

Beautiful and sweet – and little, barely 5 feet tall (and not too proud to make lunch.)

So that’s our celebrity sighting. Actually even Lola had to ask after the last blog….who is the celebrity sighting? Did I miss it? Well -she was low key, and there were no paparazzi.

So Ocotlán is a little village about 35km south of Oaxaca with a famous market on a Friday…. and so we went along to see what it was about.

What did we see? Well we certainly avoided the live animals and bird section and most of the meat and poultry sections too by choice so the are no photos of them.  This is what we saw:


Knife sharpening man on a stationary bicycle!


Crisp fresh veggies!


Nice buns!


Dried Chillis of course – for a smooth chipotle mayo!


Bucket of mangoes!

Outside the market we just had time for a  quickie prayer/photo-op of the church. Another Indigenous/Spanish/Catholic architectural blend.


Ocotlán Ex Convent of San Domingo


Facade Detail


The Dominicans are very fond of the shell motif!

So that’s the market. On the way home when we stopped to see some more weaving and some wooden painted animals.


Alebrijes san martin

These magical birds and animals are called alebrijes



Frida says bye!


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