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From my Trip in the summer of 2018 I was fascinated by the relative calm of this windswept island in the height of summer. you can barely appreciate how cold, windy and isolated it can get.

Highlands and Islands

The Highlands of Scotland is the perfect road trip. With the changing light illuminating the winding coast, highland cattle and picturesque cottages and castles there are many excuses to stop.

High Country New Zealand

The south islands of New Zealand offers many similarities to the Scottish Highlands. No wonder so many chose to settle here. Its a mixture of rugged and gentle beauty with dramatic light and clouds.

Autumn Colours

Autumn (Fall) in the cool South island of New Zealand is a spectacular and relaxed time. It’s the off season between the summer toursits and the winter skiers. Some snow starts appearing on the mountain tops heralding the start of the winter.

Holiday Spots

Tucked along the coast and often only an hour or two from the major cities, many New Zealanders still have family baches (summer cottages or beach houses) in beautiful pristine locations. This is a selection from where locals like to get away.

Lunar Light

The phases of the moon provide a cool mysterious light and often interesting cloud formations and relfections. Full moon is a favourite time of my month.


Includes a series of religious architecture based upon travels to Europe and expecially the Cistercian Abbeys of France, the images all have partially hidden images of men waiting. This came from a  dream of an after-death experience when I emerged into a cloister to find a man waiting… bored and impatiently. Clearly I’d been gone a lifetime.


Includes a birds and studies for paintings. Not for sale, just interest

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